Art Miami 2020- On line

2-20 dec 2020

Location: On line

For Art Miami 2020 (online edition), Gallery Mark Hachem presents a collective exhibition showcasing selected works by Kinetic, Modern and Contemporary Artists. Works by kinetic masters (Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz Diez Dario Perez Flores) and contemporary kinetic artists (Alois Kronschlaeger, Rafael Barrios and Michelangelo Bastiani) with unique sculptures of Phillipe Hiquily. In the modern section, we are pleased to display works by the Masters of Lyrical Abstraction Guy de Rougemont and Gerard Schneider in addition to paintings by the Latin American Modern Master Roberto Matta, Polish Surrealist Igor Mitoraj, American Pop Artist Robert Indiana and Egyptian Master Modernist Hamed Abdalla. Last but not least in our Contemporary Section we will be displaying the artworks of Contemporary Italian Artists Enrico Ghinato, Enzo Fiore, the photographs of Latvian artist Mikhail Baryshnikov, the paintings of Lebanese contemporary artist Ghazi Baker, sculptures by the renowned Polles, and finally new editioned sculptures, exhibited for the first time at Art Miami by German artist Wolfgang Stiller.

Thomas Agrinier - Une Affaire d'Homme / La Tentation

16 septembre au 16 octobre 2020

La galerie Mark Hachem présente la nouvelle exposition personnelle de Thomas Agrinier en deux parties. Au 28 place des Vosges seront présentées des peintures réalisées entre 2017 et 2019. Au 44 rue des Tournelles, on pourra découvrir huit grands formats récents inspirés par des œuvres de maîtres anciens

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online exhibition on

Bonjour Beirut- The Beirut Art Scene

August 21st to September 4th , 2020

Location: online exhibition on

Mark Hachem Gallery launches an online collective exhibition on Artsy, a tribute to the Lebanese art scene. Lebanon has always been prized... an Eden that collapses under its own beauty, a forest of cedar trees cut down by those who protect it. But the Cedar sprouts into saplings tended by the moisture of hope with each catastrophe. Beirut sits as a jewel on the Mediterranean, a city of happiness and creativity. It’s a phoenix in continuous rise, it denies its naysayers, it gathers humans into its beauty and energy, it beckons your call.

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on line

ART PARIS online

27.05.20 - 20.06.20

Location: Visit 3D :

Art Paris 2020 online May 27th - June 20th With the focus on: 20th century Middle Eastern masters Hussein Madi, Hamed Abdalla, Helen Khal, Alfred Basbous // Op and Kinetic artists Victor Vasarely, Jesus Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Dario Perez Flores, César Andrade, Antonio Asis // French Contemporary artists Thomas Agrinier, Emile Morel, Fury, Yves Hayat, Mathias Schmied, Hervé Ic // *** Our catalogue on ARTSY : ***


Dario Perez Flores

Dynamiques Visuelles
15.11.19- 06.12.19 / Vernissage le 14 novembre 2019, à partir de 18h30

Location: 28 place des Vosges, 75003 Paris

La galerie Mark Hachem présente une exposition d'oeuvres inédites de l'artiste Dario Perez Flores. Né en 1936, vénézuélien émigré en France, Perez Flores, est l'un des grands maîtres de l'art cinétique aux côtés de ses compatriotes Soto et Cruz Diez. L'exposition est l'opportunité d'aborder les trois grandes recherches de l'artiste que sont les "Prochromatiques" , les "Dynamiques Chromatiques" et les "Mobiles".


Hussein Madi

Recent Works (2012 – 2019)/ Vernissage Mardi 15 octobre 2019 , à partir de 18h30 / Oening Tuesday 15st octobrer , from 6.30pm

Location: 28 place des Vosges

MADI Recent Works (2012 – 2019) 16.10.19 - 13.11.11 44 rue des Tournelles 75004 & 28 Place des Vosges 75003 Paris Mark Hachem is delighted and honoured to present a collection of rare paintings and sculptures by Hussein Madi. An exceptional opportunity to discover the work of the Lebanese artist, 30 years after his 1989 solo show at the Arab World Institute in Paris. Hussein Madi, painter, sculptor and engraver, born in 1938 in Chebaa in South Lebanon, is one of the Middle East’s most famous artists. " here’s the mystery of creation that inspired my art. There is a unity at the beginning that reproduces with differences; type, number, colour and dimension. All things that are born and die respond to these four categories. The repetition in my paintings is there on purpose and is a way to honour the creator. ” Madi in L’Orient le jour. 30 July 2019. ___ Mark Hachem a le plaisir et l’honneur de présenter un ensemble rare de peintures et sculptures de Hussein Madi. Une opportunité exceptionnelle de découvrir l’oeuvre du maitre libanais, trente ans après son solo show à l'Institut du Monde Arabe en 1989. Né en 1938 à Chebaa, au Sud-Liban, Hussein Madi, peintre, sculpteur et graveur est l'un des artistes les plus célèbres du Moyen orient. « ...voilà le mystère de la création qui a inspiré mon art. Il existe au départ une unité qui se reproduit dans une différence de genre, de nombre, de couleur, et dans une différence de dimension. La répétition n’est pas un hasard dans mes toiles, mais une façon d’honorer le créateur. 
" H. Madi. in L'Orient 2019.


Hussein Madi

16.09 / 14.10

Location: Gallery Mark Hachem Capital Gardens, Salloum St. - Mina el Hosn - Beirut central District

Mark Hachem is delighted to announce the exclusive representation of the libanese modern master Hussein Madi. Gallery will exhibit recent works, paintings and sculpture from Monday 16th september in Beirut.


YVES ULLENS "Recent Works"

9 - 23 Mai

Location: PARIS

Du 9 au 23 mai, La Galerie mark hachem présente les dernières oeuvres de l'artiste Yves Ullens à travers l'exposition "Recent Works"; un travail cinétique sur le mouvement, la lumière et couleur.

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April 23 - May 25, 2019

Mark Hachem Gallery Beirut is delighted to present ‘Horizons’, a Solo Exhibition by artist Chaouki Chamoun, featuring a selection of his most recent works.

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Ghazi Baker

Suspension of Disbelief

28.03.19 / 20.04.19

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Location: Heydar-Aliyev Museum

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Opening Wednesday, March 6, noon – 5PM Thursday, March 7, 11AM – 6PM Friday, March 8, 11AM – 8PM Saturday, March 9, 11AM – 6PM Free Admission

Location: 534 W 21 St


Bassam Kyrillos, Multiverses

Mark Hachem Gallery - Beirut is delighted to present “Multiverses”, a solo exhibition by artist Bassam Kyrillos, featuring a selection of his most recent sculptures.



Du vendredi 22 février au jeudi 14 mars


Nedim Kufi, Edens

until february 9th , 2019

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November 20th - December 8th, 2018

Mark Hachem Gallery - Beirut is delighted to present “RETRO-PER-SPECTIVE”, a solo exhibition by artist Marwan Chamaa, featuring his various interpretations of pop culture through select pieces past and present. Throughout his career, Marwan Chamaa’s art has fundamentally been his view of the world with an ironic and sometimes sarcastic undertone. Marwan, who has been painting for over 3 decades, embodies the spirit of a global citizen without overlooking his Middle Eastern roots. This is translated in his art and lifestyle that bridges the gap between East and West. The physical world is his muse. The French magazine, St. Tropez House, dubbed Marwan in their August 5, 2014 issue as the “King of Middle Eastern neo-pop art”, when referring to his series “Caramels, Superheroes, fried eggs and chocolates” which was then displayed in a gallery in Saint-Tropez. Accomplished New York photographer Carlos René Pérez considered his collaboration with Chamaa on the series “Unplugged” as some sort of a revelation. He says: “Uncertain of its ultimate direction I was somewhat circumspect, and curious as well, as to where this project might lead. Exceeding my expectations Marwan’s extraordinary paintings and his hyper-visual narrative led me back to my doorstep, my hometown, my New York City. Marwan Chamaa’s, Unplugged, has embraced NYC as a second home with all the warts and the foul scents it comes with. Ultimately my collaboration with Marwan teaches me that the mystery and beauty of New York City is only limited to the imagination of the artist who attempts to define it.” On his upcoming show “Retro-per-spective” Marwan explains his view on the concept saying “I’m supposed to write something witty about this exposition, about me painting for over 30 years, why my surroundings inspire me, about my love for pop-culture, my fascination with consumerism, my addiction to life, my love for kitsch, and about so many things that make me sound artistic... well, I’m not going to do that. You have to make up your own mind about my art, all I can say is: today is a perfect day “ The focus of RETRO-PER-SPECTIVE is Marwan’s recent work but it will also include some of his RETRO work dating back 30 years. The exposition will show his PER-SPECTIVE of pop-culture. Marwan Chamaa was born in Beirut in 1964 and has spent most of his adult life in Germany, Lebanon, and the USA. He studied art at the American University of Beirut, Beirut University College, and at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. Chamaa participated in several group shows, art fairs, and auctions. His work has been displayed in Lebanon, France, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait and is being collected all over the globe.

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October 25 - November 20, 2018

Location: Mark Hachem Gallery - Beirut

Mark Hachem Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of relief and sculpture by artist Alfred Basbous (1924 – 2006). A major pioneer of Modernist sculpture in the Middle East, Basbous drew on the influence of Jean Arp, Constantin Brâncuși and Henry Moore to create stone and bronze sculptures of often monumental proportions. The exhibition brings together a series of sculptures from the 1960's to the 2000's, which demonstrate Basbous’ exploration of the relationship between form and material. A selection of Basbous’ preparatory drawings which reveal his approach to relief and sculpture are also exhibited. Sculptor Alfred Basbous (1924 - 2006) was born in Rachana, Lebanon. His works express a lifelong exploration of the human form and its abstract properties. Throughout his life, Basbous won many awards including the Prix de l'Orient in Beirut in 1963 and the prize for the Alexandria Biennale in 1974. Upon his death, the President of the Lebanese Republic awarded him the Medal of the Lebanese Order of Merit in Gold. A national stamp of Alfred Basbous and his two brothers Michel and Youssef, also sculptors, was released in 2011 by the Lebanese State as a tribute to their contribution to Lebanese culture. The works of Alfred Basbous are part of the permanent collection of the Alfred Basbous Foundation in Rachana, Lebanon and are featured in many private and public collections, including the Musée Rodin, Paris, the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Japan and the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MACAM) in Lebanon, among others. His monumental works are present in the public areas of Beirut and many other Lebanese cities.

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Hamed Abdalla, "Le Caire - Paris"

16 octobre - 30 novembre 2018

Location: 44 rue des Tournelles 75004 & 28 Place des Vosges 75003

A partir du 16 octobre, la galerie Mark Hachem présente une exposition rétrospective de Hamed Abdalla (1917-1985) dans ses deux galeries à Paris. Depuis quelques années, la redécouverte de ce grand maitre égyptien du XXe s’est considérablement accélérée. Ses oeuvres viennent d’intégrer les collections de la TATE et vont entrer prochainement dans d’autres collections publiques internationales prestigieuses. L’exposition "Le Caire - Paris" est conçue comme une rétrospective qui permet de découvrir l’extraordinaire évolution de l’artiste sur 40 années de création. Elle ne comporte que des chefs-d’oeuvre rares et historiques de l’artiste. C’est un des événements majeurs de la semaine de l’art.

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