Mixed media on canvas mounted on board, 200 x 200 cm

Mardam Bey's oversized canvases are brimming with undercurrents of emotion; layers of color and intricate details which adorn her subjects, yet it is their eyes that leave you spellbound. Trapped behind hauntingly beautiful irises are tales derived from life.


Her palette alternates from one painting to another; through scarlet backgrounds, violet turbans, and orange cloaks - the artist professes her passion for color. Still, she grants each of her subjects a colorful, melancholic persona. Their plush lips are sealed, fencing in their deepest secrets, while their eyes ratify an ethereal disposition.


Her artistic approach is both compelling and potent, characterized by the meticulous layering of oil paint and mixed media upon the canvas. Through this process, she skillfully constructs an alternate realm, where figures don elaborate attire, ranging from sophisticated pin-striped suits to playful polka-dotted dresses. The result is a collection of paintings that exude an unparalleled dynamism, with each piece surpassing the last in its captivating narrative.



The artist's gaze has fixated upon her subjects countless times, observing them as they move through the streets or rush by in a blur - a constant stream of humanity that orbits her thoughts. It is this very essence of humankind that fuels the strokes of her paintbrush. However, Mardam Bey's creations extend beyond mere snapshots of ordinary individuals; instead, she conjures an ethereal congregation of beings, ensnared by the compelling allure of her vivid colors and mesmerizing techniques.


A distinctive facet of her artistry lies in her playful manipulation of their attire. Through meticulously crafted details, an abundance of turbans and hats come to life, revealing her profound appreciation for cultural diversity, the interwoven threads of artistic heritage connecting East and West, and the march of civilization itself.




Veiled Reality

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt – May 14 – Jun 04, 2013



Tajalliyat Art Gallery, Lebanon, 2015



Souad Mardam Bey: Adam

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt – Jan 08 – Jan 21, 2018



Masterpieces XVII

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt – Jun 24 – Aug 31, 2018



Veni Vini Amavi

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt – Jan 14 – Feb 04, 2019



Masterpieces XVIII

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt – Jan 14 – Feb 04, 2019



Souad Mardam Bey

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt – Jan 12 – Feb 08, 2020



Masterpieces XIX

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt – Jul 11 – Sept 30, 2020



Souad Mardam Bey: If I Were a Tree

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt – Jan 10 – Feb 01, 2021



Masterpieces XX

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt – May 15 – Aug 31, 2021








Collective Exhibition (Grand Opening), Zamalek Art Gallery, 2019

Freedom Equals No Fear, Eclectica Contemporary, 2021






International art fairs


Wadi Finan Art Gallery at Art Dubai 2023, Wadi Finan Art Gallery