Geometric Illusion #7

2017 C-Print mounted on Diasec, 100 x 100 cm (39.4 x 39.4 inch.)

Born in 1960 in Brussels (Belgium)

Lives and works in Brussels




Yves Ullens de Schooten’s photographic approach is aimed at tracking down forms of light. These lights radiate from day to day objects and experience. By instinct, the artist captures them and restores their energy and colors, while refusing to adulterate them with any graphic palette effects. What captivates him, is to grasp the intensity of light inherent in every situation, object or landscape (even the most common ones), and disclose its subtlety and force in a simple way.


His photos are almost paintings, responding to the same aesthetic quest and reflecting the same intensity. They are an invitation to discover and revel in pure visual sensations. They also involve a metaphysical vision of the subject which emerges through the prism of light. This boldly positive and optimistic vision of reality is left to everyone’ s direct and unconstrained interpretation, for everyone has in his or her intuition the tools to read through this abstract representation.


In his works, Yves Ullens de Schooten is not trying to convey an esoteric vision, but to offer visual sensations and arouse vibrations that do one good, as they brighten up daily life, and by stripping off its banal appearance, give it a new dimension. Yes, his photos are definitely beaming, not only in that they depict light, but also shed light upon us and through some sort of magic manage to make us happy.


Bernard Drion du Chapois



Born in 1960 in Brussels (Belgium)

Lives and works in Brussels


Solo Exhibitions (selection)
2019 Recent Works, Pascal Janssens Gallery (Ghent, Belgium) - catalogue
Recent Works, Mark Hachem Gallery (Paris, France) - catalogue
Recent Works, Rasson Art Gallery (Tournai, Belgium) - catalogue
Urban Traces Project, European Commission, DG Budget (Brussels, Belgium)
2018 Urban Traces, Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery (Knokke, Belgium) - catalogue
Yves Ullens : Pure Nature, B&B Italia (Washington, USA)
Light Attraction, Lausberg Gallery, (Düsseldorf, Germany)
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Tribute, Mark Rothko Art Center (Daugavpils, Latvia)
Cosmic Illusions, Le 13 (Brussels, Belgium), curated by ALVARI
2016 Cercle Royal Gaulois Artistique & Littéraire (Brussels, Belgium)
2015 Uptown Design, curated by Kunty Moureau, Natan (Brussels, Belgium)
Inside Treasures, Espace Cassina-Dominique Rigo (Brussels, Belgium), curated by Kunty Moureau
2014 Scent of Abstract, Rossi Contemporary gallery (Brussels, Belgium) - catalogue
2013 Inside Outside, Pascal Janssens Gallery (Ghent, Belgium), with Marta Pan
The Rythm of Lights, in “La Vitrine” of Jean Brolly Gallery (Paris, France)
2012 Fascinating light (retrospective), Galerie L’Indépendance, BIL (Luxemburg, Great Duchy of Luxemburg), curated by
Caroline Bouchard - catalogue
Yves Ullens, Ponyhof artclub gallery (Munich, Germany)
2011 Beautiful Lights, Galerie Loft (Paris, France), with Chen Man
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2004 Deurlica Gallery (Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium)
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2002 Bl@Bla & Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)
2001 Belgacom Towers (Brussels, Belgium)
Entrez dans la Lumière du IIIe Millénaire, Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)

Group Exhibitions (selection)
2018 Group Show, Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)
Carrément Abstrait, MM Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)
Abstraction Group Show 3, MM Gallery, (Brussels, Belgium)
Retour au Charbon, Galerie Nardone, (Brussels, Belgium)
Yves Ullens, Pascal Courcelles, Seize – Group Show, MM Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)
Ethnic – SpotUart Gallery (Tervuren, Belgium)
2017 Abstraction Group Show 2, MM Gallery, (Brussels, Belgium)
Abstraction Group Show, MM Gallery, (Brussels, Belgium)
2016 Matières – SpotUArt Gallery (Tervuren, Belgium)
Hong Kong Belgium Week, organized by the Belgian Embassy (Hong Kong, China)
Autour de l'Art - Rasson Art Gallery (Tournai, Belgium)
2015 294, Avenue Louise 294 (Brussels, Belgium), curated by Alex Alvari
Color Your Life, Quincaillerie van AA (Brussels, Belgium) curated by SpotUArt
2014 Up Site (Brussels, Belgium) curated by SpotUArt
2013 Mythiq 27, Espace Cardin (Paris, France) catalogue
2010 Pascal Janssens Gallery (Ghent, Belgium)
Architects-artists encounters, Galerie Horta (Brussels, Belgium)
En corps et encore, Suty Gallery (Coye-la-Forêt, France)
Ché Guevara, Espace Art 22 (Brussels, Belgium)
2009 Ché, Galerie Suty (Rennes) et Triptyque (Angers, France) - catalogue
Ché: du héros au culte de la marque, Galerie Suty (Coye-la-Forêt, France) – catalogue
2008 Quel avenir pour le futur, Le Foyer (Leudelange, Great Duchy of Luxemburg) – catalogue
2006 Story, Alexia Goethe Gallery (London, United Kingdom)
Color Summer, Young Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)
Festival International de la Photo de mer (Vannes, France)
2005 Light Expressions, ARTEspace Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)
2001 Vivendi Gallery (Paris, France)
Bortier Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)
2013 to 2015 L’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels, Belgium)
2009 to 2012 L’Accueil, Pierre Bergé auction house (Brussels, Belgium)
2003 to 2008 L’Accueil, Xavier Hufkens Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)
Art Fairs (selection)
2018 Riga Photography Biennal 2018, Riga (Latvia) with the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Centre
2017 Art élysées, Paris (France), Mark Hachem Gallery
Cube Art Fair, Brussels (Belgium), Mark Hachem Gallery
Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Los Angeles (USA), Mark Hachem Gallery
Palm Beach Jewelry, Los Angeles (USA), Mark Hachem Gallery
Scope New York, New York (USA), Mark Hachem Gallery
2016 Art Miami, Miami (USA), Mark Hachem Gallery
Photo Shanghaï, Shanghaï (China), Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery
2014 Art Paris, Paris, (France), Pascal Janssens Gallery
Art 14, London, (United Kingdom), Pascal Janssens Gallery
2013 Art Paris, Paris (France), Pascal Janssens Gallery
2009 Lineart, Ghent (Belgium), Pascal Janssens Gallery
2007 Liste Köln, Köln (Germany), Young Gallery
2006 Art London, London (United Kingdom), Alexia Goethe Gallery
2004 Geneva Palexpo, Geneva (Switzerland), special guest

2011 Winner of the BKCP Bank competition leading to the realisation of Metamorphosis, monumental photographic
installation, BKCP Headquarters (Brussels, Belgium).
2008 Hasselblad Masters, semi-finalist.

Major orders and events
2015 Triple Harmony, multimedia installation for the board of directors room in RTL Group (Brussels, Belgium).
2014 W.Z.C. Mariahuis (Gavere, Belgium), first association of photographs and Comic Strip technics.
2013 Crescend’O, monumental photo-sculpture installation in ChromaLuxe, Beobank Headquarters (Brussels, Belgium).
2011 Metamorphosis, monumental photo-installation, BKCP Headquarters (Brussels, Belgium)

Belgium Auday, Beobank, BKCP, Brederode, Degand, Formar (Garmin), Immocobel, McKinsey & Company, Pernod-Ricard
Belux, Petercam, Puilaetco Dewaay and RTL.
Abroad Mark Rothko Centre in Daugavpils (Latvia), Belgian Embassy in Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan) and in Kigali (Rwanda),
Banque du Luxembourg in Luxemburg (Great Duchy of Luxemburg), BIL in Luxemburg (Great Duchy of Luxemburg),
Color Center in Strassen (Great Duchy of Luxemburg), Foire de Genève in Geneva (Switzerland), Le Foyer
Assurances in Leudelange (Great Duchy of Luxemburg) and HBC Global Art Collection in New York (USA).