Cheap Suit, 2022

Mixed media on canvas, 125 x 125 cm

Die Famous is an ongoing collaboration between American artist painter Morrison Pierce and Lebanese/Finnish artist painter Yasmina Nysten. Working from a studio in Astoria Oregon, the artists met in 2021 and after seeing the similarities in their work and the potential for a new outcome in art, had their first collaborative piece done in December 2021 in art Basel, on the streets of Wynwood. Both similarly influenced by various movements, namely pop art and the running currents of progressive painters on the east coast from the 80s and 90s, die Famous brings a ting of darkness and a bite to their vision of the contemporary world. Working in mix media, mainly on canvas, die Famous remains loyal to the streets and paint murals frequently on all sides of the US. What die Famous is about is being noneapologetic about Love and Death simultaneously. This is where their artists name stems from. Currently working on two series of paintings entitled: « Bosta » and « Charlie », both originated from the relatively same source of inspiration sited above, each series has a completely different form of execution. The « Bostas » are painted in an action painting style, from an impulse driven place. The « Charlies » are compositionally and topically studied figurative renderings with an expressionistic feel. Both artists, working together in the studio do a rotational dance around the pieces, they tend to switch around from one painting to the next as to keep a momentum going. Both of the artists are Libras which makes for perfect synergy as well as whirlwinds of high to low tides in the daily practice.