Oil on canvas 150 x 150 cm, 59 x 59 " 2016


Freedom, dynamism, aggression, impulsiveness, spontaneity and a great mastery of the palette, are the defining elements in Marc's paintings. Despite the apparent rigor and beyond the intensity of his brush strokes, lies a silent harmony of space and color. Translating with great clarity the inner movements of his compositions. As such the artist returns to the essence in this claim to modernity, indeed his paintings speak. In an age dominated by glowing screens and virtual connections, we would do well to stand in front of them and listen.

Marc made his start within the family realm, but eventually developed his theories in the context of diverse overlapping sources of inspiration. For him evolution in the field of art is not a forward linear process. It is not about building up on previous or existing currents. Instead it's about a reversal in the path, a sort of back and forth movement in the timeline, in constant search for the source of all creations.

“As salmons swim upstream to find their matrix at the end of their migration, I swim upstream, keeping offshore from the main current of artistic trends. I believe in returning to the source”, says young Marc Guiragossian.

Marc Guiragossian, grandson of the renowned Paul, was born into a dynasty of gifted painters, into a world of different philosophies. He started his artistic journey by revisiting the past, discovering and learning from the great masters of all times, whose philosophies and techniques had a substantial influence on his works. For Marc, painting is a form of dialogue. Through it, he converses with artists throughout history and communicates with his contemporaries.

Marc’s solo and group exhibition were presented in Lebanon and Germany where he is actually living. His paintings were included in many Art collections. Ever since, collectors have been nurturing his young and raw talent.



La liberté, le dynamisme, l’agressivité, l’impulsivité, la spontanéité, et une grande maîtrise de la palette sont les éléments clés de l’œuvre de Guiragossian. Malgré sa rigueur et au-delà de l’intensité de ses coups de pinceau, il existe une harmonie silencieuse d’espace et de couleur au sein de ses créations. Ainsi, l’artiste revisite l’essentiel dans sa proclamation de modernité.

Marc, petit fils du grand artiste Paul Guiragossian, a fait ses débuts dans un milieu familial, mais il développa eventuellement ses theories dans le contexte de diversité culturel dans ses sources d’inspiration. Il fait partie d'une dynastie de peintres talentueux, d'un monde de philosophies concurrentes. Son voyage artistique est né  dans ses liens au passé, qui le permettent de rendre hommage aux grands maîtres de la peinture; leurs philosophies et leurs oeuvres eurent un grand influence sur celles de Marc. Pour lui, l’évolution artistique n’est pas simplement un processus linéaire, ni un jeu déterminé par les courants artistiques les plus populaires. C’est la recherche de la source créative de toutes œuvres, de l’inspiration, et un dialogue avec les illustres artistes du passé ainsi qu'avec ses contemporains.
Les expositions individuelles et en groupe ont été présentées au Liban et en Allemagne, où il vit actuellement. Ses œuvres font partie de nombreuses collections d’art.



Solo exhibition at Mark Hachem Gallery. Beirut, LEBANON



Beirut Art Fair – Represented by Emmagoss art gallery. Biel, LEBANON

First solo show at The Gallerist, Beirut, LEBANON



Group exhibition Beirut Art Discovery –Musée Emmanuel Paul Guiragossian, LEBANON



Group exhibition in Galerie Gegenwart, Karlsruhe, GERMANY